Our Fees Are Competitive

We charge competitively with other mental health and Christian providers and in some comparisons, our fees are less. Plus, we offer a fee schedule based on family income.

We do not accept insurance as the information provided to an insurance company compromises confidentiality of the client. Insurance companies periodically audit client records and have full access to information in addition to storing client diagnosis and history. Additionally, insurance companies typically refuse to accept any form of Christian counseling / therapy and would require conforming to secular philosophies and their limited treatment protocols.

Receipts will be provided. You may wish to submit these to your insurance company for reinbursement or partial reimbursement. Counseling services not covered by your insurance company may be deductible from your tax returns as medical/mental health related expenses.

You and your family are children of the Almighty God. What happens to any one of you affects the others now and for years to come. Your lasting legacy is your family. God has a plan for you and your family yet the choice is yours to follow Him or continue to follow the worlds ways which lead to stress, anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, disrespect, bitterness, divorce, addictions to feel good for a moment, failed goals/achievements, declining self esteem, fear, envy at what others have...and the list goes on!

Christian counseling is an investment in you, your family and your lasting legacy for generations to come!!! Christian counseling will show you who you are in Christ rather than who you are in the world, help you become a well rounded, resilient Child of the Almighty God and help your confidence and self esteem soar as a brother or sister to Jesus Christ and Joint Heir to the Kingdom of the Most High God. You are Royalty!

Christian counseling is one of the best and ever lasting investments you could make. It's one of the few things that you will be able to take into Glory with you...

The wise choice is yours...

May God richly bless you and your family in Jesus Holy Name!!!

Dr Stair

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